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We inspire hope in people in developing countries through healthcare and community development projects,
improving lives and transforming communities.

Our Latest Mission

On March 10, 2018, nine volunteers from the United States set off for Guatemala to join with more than 40 Guatemalan volunteers for a joint Community Development and Medical Trip.  The volunteer clinicians included Internists, Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, Ophthalmologists, a Pediatrician, Dentists, Otolaryngologists, a Nurse Practitioner, a Gynecologist, a Traumatologist, and a Physiatrist.   The group attended  942 patients in 4 days.  The Guatemalan physicians are so enthusiastic about IEP’s work, and many have committed to providing follow up for the patients they saw during the week.  This follow up is essential to the continued health of those we serve.   Team Spring Break’s all-female Community Development group installed 27 smoke free stoves and water filters in 4 days.  GIRL POWER IS REAL!

Our programs

At International Esperanza Project, we believe in recognizing the inherent dignity in all people. Our programs are executed as a partnership with each beneficiary.

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